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About the Artist / Veronica Diament

I was born in Reno, Nevada where I grew up playing in the Sierra Nevadas. From a young age, I knew I was an artist and in all seasons of my life I worked to further my artistic skills. I love connecting with people and helping others, so I broadened my understanding of human behavior through the University of Nevada, Reno and received a Bachelors of Social Work in 2010. By leveraging all of my education and artistic talents I started working in San Francisco as a staging designer and in-house artist in 2013. In 2016 I became a full-time artist.  My work has been exclusively sold through the San Francisco gallery Hang Art  from 2018- 2022. My paintings were shown at Art Market San Francisco in 2019. I have had the privilege of taking part in several group shows over the years and a solo show in June, 2021 at Hang Art.  At the end of 2021, Bennett Galleries in Nashville, Tennessee picked up my work. Desiring more control of my work, I will hopefully begin selling directly to collectors some time in 2024. 

About the Art /

Synthesizing Flora is an ongoing body of work dedicated to expressing my visions of plants, color, movement and landscapes.  It is a work of pleasure and joy much like that of a garden. It's purpose is to bring a sense of life, peace, light, growth and common ground to anywhere it is placed. I am constantly finding new plants and landscapes, seeing new color combinations, and dreaming of composing new pieces.  It has been my delight to create something beautiful that is growing well beyond what I could have imagined. 


About my Studio/ Practice

My studio practice is my craft from start to finish.  I build my own canvases by hand from wood cut by my father. I love to create different finishes throughout my paintings, making movement and texture unveil in distinctive angles of light. I paint in layers mixing true/pure pigments next to diluted hues to create vivid contrasting colors.  I do not do sketches of any kind, but I draw with my paint brush from my minds eye directly on the canvas as I go. No composition is fully planned, just a premonition of direction and space. I work extremely quickly, usually within 2-4 one hour work sessions. My two children are part of my world, and are never far from my hands.

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